Djinn Rummy

7 Dec 2013

27 Arth continued The Man on stilts.

We started the game by introducing Character’s:
David: Mewt
Ashley: Rrae
Chris: Eldrian
Amanda: Xen
Koal: Anok
Anthony: Slan Jahardin MEsirect.
Jessica: Mira

The Man on stilts.
(The tomb of the Eclipse) Opened tome tomb. Dusty, Stinky, Hall way. Blue walled rooms on both sides(4). Double wooden doors at the end. Took moon orb from one of the rooms. Weiner’s gave us. Went thru first door on the right and was attacked by large skeleton. Mewt broke Ebenbrow’s gem and got a wand. He used the wand to destroy the skeleton. All the cleric’s have been killed in their rooms and doors locked. Found a daily journal in one of the rooms. Went down the hall further and found the main sanctuary. Figured out the scale of life and death. Another door was in the main sanctuary which lead’s down a hall to another room. That room was a infirmary that had three corpses with two of them with there throat cut and the third with a sword to the chest. The wall above the third man had a arcane symbol on it that was smeared out. (animate undead) Found library with nothing in it. Mewt,Xen, and I get frozen by a spell. Killed undead caster. Tien was the undead guy in library. Trang Ghoul was being held in the dungeon.(fungeon)



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