Djinn Rummy

Nov 23, 2013

27th Arth Looking for relic

Got away from dying plane/home. Bad mist eat good people/bad people(everybody). Took the boat to the new continent Capia. Didn’t stop at the city so that we would get involved with the Dijinni(factions). Arrived at bad lands with party. Got too mountain area and went down a lime mine shoot. We all slid down on winter blankets/bed rolls. Got thru the door with the traps that were nice. Bee’s, snakes, then vines that hug. Went down the forked tunnel that wasn’t caved in. Spoke to a Dwarf(temple architect Ebenbrow) that was stuck in the wall. Answered his riddles/questions and got Ebenbrow gem. (Doors god of Moon temple)Found door that opened with touch of the hug vines/leaves.



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