Mewt Lafell

An energetic cleric, with a penchant for getting into trouble.


Race: Kender
Level: 2 Cleric (Divine Magician)
AC: 16
HP: 14
Domain(s): Healing
Special Abilities:
Turn Undead (1d6 damage vs. undead per Cleric level)
Snake Bite (1/per day, 10 ft reach. 1d6 Bite, plus venom 1d6 STR (DC 15 Fortitude Save)
Spells: lvl 0 (x4) | Detect Magic, Light, Create Water, Detect Poison lvl 1 (x4) | Cure Light Wounds, Ray of Enfeeblement, Sanctuary, Hide from Undead

Age: 14
Weight: 52 lb.
Height: 3’5"
Eyes: Mewt has odd eyes; one is a pale blue, and the other is a vibrant green, similar to turquoise.
Skin Tone: The kender’s skin tone is slightly tanned from his time spent in the monastery’s courtyard, where he often played and helped the high priest tend to his gardens.
Garments: Mewt wears the same garments the other monks and priests wear, granted his are much smaller. They’re supposed to be white, but over the years they’ve adopted a slightly brown tint.
Special Features:

  • Like most kender, Mewt’s ears are pointed like that of an elf or a halfling.
  • Mewt now has a serpent tattoo on his right arm, that weaves around it in a spiral manner.

Main Hand: Gnarled Oak Quarterstaff (Mewt picked this up in the woods surrounding his home town.)


You wouldn’t know it by looking at him now, but there was a time when Mewt wasn’t so talkative. His name attests to that, for when he was found, what he had witnessed was so terrible that it stole his very voice from him. If you looked into his eyes back then, you would see shallow emptiness, void of life itself.
Garrett, the young man who had found him, took the kender to the only place he could think of. The monastery of Dorn, his people’s patron deity. There the lad was raised as an orphan of the church, all the while never speaking. Garrett would often visit Mewt from time to time, why; no one knew, but the way he cared for him was akin to that of an older brother.

Soon this became the norm and after several years Mewt’s eyes began to gleam as they once did. And his voice… well that came rather suddenly. There was singing in the halls of Dorn, as was tradition; but this time the chanters were joined by the voice of the small kender. It started as a whisper, and became louder and louder until he found himself singing alone, those around him staring in shock and awe. As it turned out, Mewt was actually a decent singer.

With the return of his voice, came a chance to train as a cleric, and because he was still slightly broken, it came easier than it would have otherwise.

Mewt Lafell

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