Xenlile Fa'ana

Xen looks like your average half-elf with a cocky smile.


Xen prefers her female half-elf form most of the time and doesn’t let even her closest friends know that she is a changeling. The only person she remotely trusts is Garrett who has gone on many a temple runs with her but she remains suspicious even of him at times. She is a little bit arrogant and while good at heart she is not above breaking the law if it is for what she considers to be the greater good, such as stealing a precious artifact from a private collector so that it can be displayed in a museum where all can learn about it and its history. She can not resist rumors of cursed ancient burial grounds or old forgotten temples. She will follow every hint and clue until she finds the secrets hidden within.


Xen was abandoned by her birth parents and raised in an orphanage but never adopted. No one wanted a changeling child. She began impersonating other children so she could have friends to play with but when the child she was impersonating showed up she was cast out and ridiculed. When she was of age the orphanage turned her out and left her to fend for herself. She began looking for other changelings but found most of them even less trustworthy than other races. Though she learned a lot about impersonating other races from them she learned nothing of who she was. She learned much of other cultures and people and became fascinated by the long and rich history they all had. She became obsessed with the history of other races and couldn’t understand why more people didn’t know the full history of their own cultures which she found so wonderful.

She decided to become an artifact finder. She is obsessed with the history of the world and of other races. Since she doesn’t have much of a history of her own. She seeks to preserve the history of others and has convinced many cities of varying races to open museums in which to store and display the history and artifacts she uncovers but in her mind all the artifacts belong to her.

When a message arrived from an old friend about a long forgotten temple in a far away land Xen dropped everything to follow this new path curious what secrets were held within the long abandoned temple.

Xenlile Fa'ana

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