Djinn Rummy

21 Dec 2013

27-29 Arth

(Continued) We returned to main sanctuary for healing. Got both cleavers. I wanted both just like Chris. Chris has them both. Took the orb out of the door. Went down the hall and found two traps. Went into the wash room/area room. Then we a found door that went down a hallway which had a trap. Garrett fell into the pit. We found the arena that had a giant sphere and Rrae shot it and it started glowing. Defeated skeleton’s on floating sphere’s and then got the treasure chest on top. Then we went to the sanctuary and used it for the last time to heal. Then we went to the Master’s room. Figured out that we could use the sphere for the light on the wall. Got the sphere of light from the wall and opened the vault. Both dwarfs that were spoken of in the journal were in there as skeletons. Then we opened the black door with the lock that would never have been able to have been opened without the code that Garrett had. The doors opened and dead gun in the room as bones with note. He was the master. We have released the scourage on the world! OOPPS! It attacked us and messed us up. We also found a gold statue with a globe over its head. Ash touched it and we all got a Djinn mark on our hands and love each other. WE stayed over night in the mountains to heal and figure out what the heck happened. It took us two days to get to the city(Pernumbra port). Sold items. Found the Dragon inn and stayed the night. During the night a giant portal opens. (If we did not leave then we get pulled thru the portal.)



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