Djinn Rummy

4 Jan 2014

30 Arth thru 2 Wult

(Dragon Inn Continued) We wake up to a humming sound. We put on all our gear and out into the hallway to find a portal. First to go thru the the portal is Mewt, Garrett, Eldrian, Rrae, Xen and I. I was pulled in. A blue genie Braxis greets us to tell us that we are in the effrete court. He leaves us after we tell him that we are from somewhere else. We all walked thru the portal and find ourselves in market were everyone is slowly funneling into a portal. We figured out that we do not belong to any faction here and that we are unwanted. We meet up with Mira and Anok in the market. Mira explains that she is sorry for what her race has done and what has happened to me. We find out that we need to have a plan for our faction./future. We find out that Garrett was sold the map to release the Scourage by a beholder faction. I was enslaved by Jahardin Mesirect and I have a flash back that stuns me and makes me cry. We also introduce ourselves. We agree that Jessica and Koal characters will join our group. We go inside the arena to hear the Effrete court master Dijinni. The harpy click are the victors for this court. We also recognized insane looking elven chick that looks really mean. They want to resurrect Blood Mary bane of the living. Manticore and others supported her decision with votes. That concluded the effrete court. We all walked back thru the portal and it transported us back to the Green dragon inn. We met up with the green dragon inn keeper and invested 100 gold in his business. Met a goliath like man named Mason. Registered the feral half-ogre and Mira as a caster. 2 Day of Wult. Exp is at 2300.



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