Eldrian Ostravian


Race: Dragonborn (Human Origin)
True Name: Orn Sargt Tibur Munthrek Eldrian Ostravian
Level: 1 Fighter / 1 Paladin
Age: 24
Weight: 220 lb.
Height: 6’2"
Eyes: Gold (Human Origin – Green)
Skin Tone: Silver Scaled (Human Origin – Light Tanned)
Hair: None (Human Origin – Black)

HP: 17
AC: 19
Reflex Saves
Fort: 4
Reflex: 1
Will: 1

Special Abilities:
(Heart) Dragons Breath
Detect Evil
Smite (charisma)

Armor: Banded Mail
Main Hand: Bahamut’s tail, one handed spike chain. (Kusari-Gama)
Offhand: Heavy Steel Shield


A son of Commander Ostravian, leader of the military forces under Baron Byron Wolfram, Eldrian had a privileged background. Following in his fathers demanding footsteps, he learned the art of war training with a prestigious exotic weapons tutor, while his station demanded of him to learn the ranks of nobility and all the courtesies entailed within.

Often feeling out of place, Eldrian did not get along with his father’s cruel tendencies or the Baron’s tyrannical rule. Frustrated with Eldrian’s obstinate nature towards his fathers innate cruelty and his capacity for compassion and kindness, Commander Ostravian ordered his son to lead the next tax collection route. He was not to come back until he’d collected all the dues, and was to divulge excess punishment to those who remained overdue, hoping this would break his son in to becoming a suitable replacement one day.

Eldrian did as told, following the letter of the law, but often found ways of not ruining and punishing the common folk for events beyond their control, holding back his fathers henchmen until he could discern their individual situations. While he was sometimes successful, his failures tortured his soul as the soldiers dealt the harsh law of the land. His actions drew the attentions of Bahamut, seeing the pure heart of one of his own, he began to guide Eldrian, providing nudges of intuition to seek out the nearby monastery of Dorn. As the monastery was off-route, he left the tax caravan (much to the soldiers relief, as they were now apt to misbehave) with the intention to meet up with them in the next town.

Upon arrival, Eldrian spent a week learning the precepts of goodly law and order, as opposed to the rule of Baron Wolfram’s evil dictates, and felt more and home than ever before humbling himself before the monastery. He still felt a further draw, knowing this was not to be his place to settle, Eldrian prepared to head to the next town, as his abandoned caravan would be arriving shortly. However, as he rode out the gate, a scout rode up from the neighboring town, telling of the horrors of a strange death and destruction, scouring the land and eradicating all life as it expanded, and that it was moving this way. The lands belonging to Baron Wolfram, all the forces under Commander Ostravian, were reported lost.

Seeing the destruction after effects rising in the distance, Eldrian returned to help organize the exodus efforts, traveling out with a peculiar kender-kin and his human ‘brother’ Garrett.

Eldrian Ostravian

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