Djinn Rummy

1 Feb / 10th day of vault

We escort Malik back to his father’s house. We rested in the green dragon to heal and realize that he is renovating. Anok and Slan decide to go to the dueling area. Mewt, Eldrian, Rrae and Mira go to the market for items and then go back to Malik’s father’s house. We go to Malik’s house and the master is not seeing anyone so we all go back to the green dragon. Malik paid us 20 platinum pieces worth 200 gold to each person. While we are at the green dragon we talk to Mason and he says that he will meet us at the Fortress.
The group decides that we want to head to the fortress during the day so that we can scout out and attack the next night. We travel by the forrest near the mountains and see an area that has caves in the mountain side. During lunch we encounter the scourge and run to the caves. Garrett gets jacked up as we run to the caves. Eldrian tries to attack the with his fire and Mewt used his turn undead. Eldrian tries to run to lead the swarm away. Eldrian gets jacked up. Garrett activates his ability to switch places with Eldrian. Anok pick ups Mewt and starts running again. Garrett get murderized by the swarm. Mewt is broken from the loss of his brother from another mother. Mira and Slan check out the fort to find a place to attack from. As we travel away from the Fortress we are found out by a sentry who brings his boss Loyd to come and speak with us. Loyd challenges Rrae to a duel so that we can go by. Rrae kills him a dagger throw and a bolt to the neck. WE kill the party and take there stuff. We also find out that they are part of the Manticore not the fortress. 3400 exp
The game ended with 10 hero points


We also helped the green dragon meet his kick starter goal of 1k gold!

1 Feb / 10th day of vault

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