Djinn Rummy

18 Jan / 9th of Vault

Over the course of the a week we stay at the Green Dragon. We agree to let the Mason be friends with us in return for the information. The stronghold is located in the forrest and it is considered a fortress. The brigands are called the Raptors and are about 25-30 strong with a leader called Flesh Raker (druid). We also find out they are slavers. Mason tells us that we could brake into the tower at the base with a small diversion.
We invested gold into the Green Dragon and he gives us a keg of ale. Total gold given(800)
Spoke to the Traver Woodsoul and he was talked into paying 25 gold a day for anti-scry magic.
New Quest_ Mira, Mewt, Eldrian, and Rrae went to the mage’s Malik Zankul to speak with him about his son. He is not well but we speak with his servant Hamlen who leads them to meet Malik father. Malik father tells us that his son has been missing for 30 years. He was placed in the Way finders tome in some caves to the north. Tell him that “I forgive him and that I am sorry that I did not forgive him sooner.” Wrath Hammer is the name of the plane where the demon has been banished. Koal and I go drink with Mason the ale that the green dragon gave us. Eldrian awakens from his shell as a purple dragon man.
We go to the cave system and Koal brakes down the door and we proceed inside. (starts at 15 ft and graves go on for 100ft) The tunnel opens into a large room filled with holes and webbing. A big spider jumps out then see the Mira and freaks out and does not attack. Slan attacked it and chopped off the leg. Mira then tell’s him to stop then we get some treasure from him. We go thru the black portal and end up in a room with the son of Malik who tells us that we are going to have fun trying to get out of here. “When What you need is not what you need” Wooden box with a lizard, shark tank, a jar with bee’s, a ceramic pot with a something in it and beetles in bowl. Rrae brakes the jar of bee’s which creates a door. We come to a room with a chimney. There is a table with a sign that has a message that says do not steal. Mewt drinks and floats up the chimney. We then drink the float potions. Then we come thru the room and meet a man roasting fish in a fire. We then go thru the room. We then enter a room with magical darkness and giant steps. The room becomes illuminated and we are on a giant chess board. A lot like Harry Potter. We defeated the chess lord and then all the pieces turned into regular monsters. Mewt shot the king monster and then all the monsters disappeared. At the end of the chess board is an arch way that leads to another large room. WE brake thru the wall of mouths and hands. Kill the snakes and hell hounds. Then Eldrian destroys the fire elemental with his ice breath. Then we touch the ball and he brakes from his spell. Then Malik appears and starts talking crazy. Burns a crazy hole thru the rock and walks out. 2800 exp



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